Jane The Virgin: A lesson in relationship expectations


So, when I work out I love to watch a TV series on Netflix. Its the only time I really have time to watch TV. Sometimes I’ll watch a movie- split it between cardio sessions. But TV shows are the perfect amount of time to spend on the elliptical. Lately I’ve been watching the show Jane The Virgin and it just dawned on me that the show perfectly depicts certain stereotypes of romantic relationships.


A. Raphael- Affluent Hotel Owner. Successful. Financially stable.

Raphael is always working. He’s well dressed (yes, even his sweats will cost over 100$). With Raphael, you will have a beautifully decorated and spacious home. You will most likely belong to a tennis club where you will hob knob with the rich and famous. Think fantastic vacations and parties (but some stuck up people with whom to contend). You will have the best medical staff at your disposal whenever necessary. As Raphael’s “woman”,  he sees you as an asset. He recognizes your strengths and supports you in his own way. His idea of male/female partnership is as follows: You will often be asked to put your needs aside to make his life easier, to help him make a deal, or to comfort him. He will most often not return the favor because he will be busy working, but he will graciously buy you a new Prada handbag whenever you want one. He will promise to be there for you and he will really want to follow through, but most often work will come up, and work will always take precedence.  I’m guessing you will feel passion with Raphael, and you will love things about him as a person; perhaps he’s philanthropic or great with children/animals. Unfortunately overall, I imagine, life with a Raphael could seem lonely because as far as order of importance, you’re relationship will not come first.


B. Michael- Detective. Hard worker. Down to earth.

Alternatively, there’s Michael. Michaels are honest, hard working, and intelligent. They seek to become experts at their work, but do not make work their entire lives. Consequently, they will never be as affluent as a Raphael, but they probably would learn how to budget properly and save for some fancy things that life has to offer. Michaels look at their partners as exactly that- a partner. You will be each other’s support and true friend. Passion with Michael? It’s possible and likely. I fear some Michael relationships may turn into something more platonic. Psychologically I’m not sure why though. I think it depends on the woman. Overall, however, with a Michael you will always feel supported, loved, and important. To me these relationships seem more “real” and long lasting.

I’m wondering, does a Raphemic exist? Sexy and mysterious, hard working/sometimes evasive, but also fun and down to earth. A supportive, financially stable man with heart and some zest for adventure. Not a zillionaire, but definitely stable? That would be a catch! 😉


C. Rogelio- Working Actor (Telemundo). Passionate. Young at heart. 

OMG so Rogelio is super wealthy so he definitely has the financial stability of Raphael. He’s also creative and passionate- so more like Michael there. He SEEMS he could potentially be the Raphael/Michael hybrid. But alas, he’s mellow dramatic, arrogant, and egotistical. He’s loving, yes, but he shows it in a funny way – mostly because he can’t get past how “great” he is. Being in a relationship with him…..seems extremely difficult to me. But maybe theres some allure to it- if your the type that see his arrogance as “cute” or funny, or if it just doesn’t get to you.

Why am I writing about this?

Answer: There’s a lesson to be learned. Nobody is perfect and no relationship is perfect. We all just have to pick the flaws we can live with, and focus on the positive. There is something wonderful in everyone. At least most everyone.


Jane The Virgin is a really fun show with great writing. If your looking for something entertaining for forty minutes of de-stressing the mind, its available on Netflix and I highly recommend!

What to wear when watching Jane The Virgin?

Work out clothes! As stated above, I always watch this while I’m on the treadmill or elliptical; my “netflix” hour :).

Next up:  Embracing the holiday spirt on Abbott Kinney. See ya’ll soon!




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