A Proper Ugly Sweater Party

I just love throwing a twist on a classic. An ugly sweater party? Sure. But an Ugly Sweater Party with caviar stations? Now that’s living in style!

This past weekend my friend Daren successfully threw an Ugly Sweater Party so fantastic that only the mastermind behind Nobu Hollywood could have mustered it up. This was a great way to begin my whirlwind of holiday events.

We arrived early, as usual (sadly for me MSM doesn’t believe in being fashionably late) and Daren was braising his prime rib (yum!). Vampire Weekend played from the speakers. The table was eloquently decorated with unique christmas ornaments and greens. Three different caviar stations were  placed on the table and the champagne was ready to go.

Champagne wishes and Caviar dreams for Christmas? Who could ask for more? “I don’t actually love caviar. I force myself to eat it so in time I’ll start to like it. It just seems so classy. ” Irene (Hors Du Prix) and Me.

Each guest was expected to bring a dish to ensure a colossal feast. Most of Daren’s friends work in the restaurant industry, so I knew the food would be delicious. We brought Mac and Cheese sired by Venice Beach’s acclaimed Baby Blue BBQ. I also baked some North Pole Butter cake Cheesecakes; recipe from one of my all time favorite recipe bloggers: Sweet Tea Sweetie!

Even the liquor showed up in an ugly sweater.

Once everyone arrived, the room filled with festive laughter, warmth, and a bunch of hideous sweaters! With every guest, more food was placed on the table. In addition to the prime rib and our offerings, there was a platter of roasted vegetables, sweet potatoes, gourmet Mediterranean meatballs (my personal favorite of the evening), and a cheese and olive plate. The cheeses were locally made and SO yummy. I especially liked the truffled hard cheese. It was fun sampling the various cheeses with my wine- just like we learned at the Jada Vineyard a few weeks back. I just realized there was a lot of different cheese dishes at this party! No wonder its so hard not to gain weight this time of year!

The cheese selections were fabulous. This soft cheese is locally made and deliciously stinky- if you know what I mean. 

At the end of the night our host picked the winner of the ugliest sweater award. There were so many great ones from which to choose. Honestly, though, some “ugly sweaters” really aren’t THAT ugly! I mean any of you remember those hideous Bill Cosby sweaters from the late 80s? Now THOSE were UGLY! See below.

Seriously? What were the show costumers thinking?! In my opinion,  definitely the winner of the Ugliest Sweater of all time competition (this should exist)!


Personally for some reason I think this is the worst one of the night.
The Ho Ho Ho vest was the winner of the Ugliest Sweater award.
Ok come on! The Penguin is CUTE! I’d totally wear this to go build a snowman and sip hot cocoa (with mini marshmallows of course!)

Bonus of the night? Everyone loved my desert! This means a lot coming from chefs and restauranteurs! Thanks, Kari, for the amazing recipe!  It was easy and fun to bake, too.  I can’t wait to make it again for my work party on Thursday.

If you decide to bake these, keep your eye on the center. I had to cook them a lot longer than listed due to my inferior oven. They will set some, but don’t take them out if the center is still like liquid. 

What the heck to wear to an Ugly Sweater Party?

An Ugly Sweater! Obviously! 😉

I have to admit I actually love this Star Wars sweater. I mean is it fashionable? Heck no! But….it will be perfect to wear to the opening later this week. Meanwhile, I apologize for the worst reveal of my hair extensions! They are in now :). More on that later- maybe. Or at least a better pic.

The food was great and the atmosphere was fun. It was really nice to catch up with old friends and make new ones. I’m definitely in the holiday spirit this year! No being a curmudgeon like Scrooge or green with anger like the Grinch! Let the festivities commence!

Whats the worst ugly sweater you’ve seen this season? Share in the comments.




2 thoughts on “A Proper Ugly Sweater Party

  1. Omgggg! This looks like so much fun!!! Can we please be real life friends? Lol! Can you please drag me to caviar parties too? I actually LOVE caviar!!! So good. I can gorge on caviar and champagne until I burst. Worst ugly Christmas Party sweater I’ve seen? A crocheted sweater made of multi-coloured crocheted snowflakes all sewn together. I don’t think it was intended to be an actual “ugly Christmas sweater”, but dear God! Ugh.

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  2. Hahaha! Yes, for sure! So funny story- three years ago I bought a gold sweater for a christmas pub crawl- and this girl comes up to me and says “I LOVE your ugly sweater!” Um- yeah, it wasn’t intended to be ugly! (this was pre-Danielle). LUCKILY i somehow forgot to cut the tag off the sweater- I returned it the next day. haha. Lesson learned: commenting on people’s ugly clothing is like asking a woman “when are you due?” hahaha. xoxo


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