The Bathroom Saga Continues

So far this project has been so much fun!!! The holiday week gave me (and Rudi) extra time to really research and hunt down the perfect tile duo for the cottage bathroom floor and walls. I’ve also been looking for a 24” vanity, but I may actually need an 18”. Storage in the vanities these sizes is so minimal, it’s practically pointless.

I want the bathroom to feel casually luxurious so I can attract that higher end renter. After driving to Carson (Rudi dumped a huge gross load right in a gorgeous display bathroom!), Central LA (the store was closed with 3 homeless men sleeping on the entrance foyer), Santa Monica (nicest family owned shop with fantastic prices, and the owner was so creative and helpful with bathroom design ideas when I asked), I’ve finally narrowed it down to a glossy hexagonal marble floor tile with glossy white large rectangular wall tiles. I’ve been enjoying the challenge of finding something awesome but staying in budget.

I wish I could find a honed non-polished hexagonal floor tile, but they are all incredibly pricy!! It’s too bad, because I would like some contrast between the floor and the walls. The space is so small and cave-like and, despite the extra large window we installed, it’s still very dark!! I’m contemplating a sky light or just really great recessed lighting, since the ceiling real estate is limited and we have the fan, and the recessed lights going up there as well. The vanity and wall sconces will come next, and the shower and bath hardware have been selected. I really wanted bronze/gold details, but I’ll save that for the main house and stick with the less expensive brushed nickel in here.

I love the bold choices in both these display bathrooms at Floor&Decor  in Carson. I can’t wait to get to the main house, where I can add a little more drama.
Rudi’s bathroom 😉

Rudi and I also started the hunt for vinyl flooring for the rest of the house. It’s supposed to be voc free and warmer on the feet than tile and other faux wood options, and more economical than real wood. So far it’s all been pretty hideous so we shall see!

I’m slightly in love with this beautiful water cut marble from Italy. I’ve learned so much about marble. It’s porous but durable. There are many regions, mostly in Italy, where marble is indigenous. Different colors and veining affects the cost. The whiter the marble, the more expensive. And if it’s water cut to be detailed, like these beautiful magnolias, it’s the most pricey. Marble is naturally cold. It can be honed (matte) or polished. It’s also stunning.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays with their own fun projects!! With the new year afoot, I’m sticking to my plan that I began at the start of the  Jewish new year (as per the Rabbi’s sermon)- in the immortal words of Phillip Knight, this is the year to Just Do It!! I’m also going to try and keep up with my attempted one book a month pledge, which definitely made my brain feel more healthy and exercised in 2019.

Happy New Year everyone!! Let’s make 2020 a fantastic one full of health, wealth, love, and joy. I’m posting this without checking my work (because it’s 3am and I just feel like it), so hopefully it all makes sense. 💗





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