My name is Jill. 18 years ago I moved from a rural suburb in middle to east-ish America (that I prefer to think of as East coast, but honestly- its not) to Los Angeles, California, where I work in entertainment (TV/Film editor). I adore my job and all the exciting things that go along with it.

I love ballet, dogs, wine, traveling, cooking, reading, music, photography, my friends, and trying new things.

I’ve decided to write this lifestyle blog because there are a lot of interesting people and locations in this world that deserve some attention. I want to partake in new experiences and explore different ways one can maintain a positive young at heart attitude and a confident sense of self even when life is throwing debris our way at exponential rates.

Oh! And since I promised at work that I would say this,  I need to add a disclaimer: all thoughts, opinions, and ideas written on this blog are my own (unless quoted otherwise) and have no reflection on the ideas or opinions of my employer.

Thanks for reading.


Quintessential Jill

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