My name is Jill. 14 years ago I moved from a rural suburb in middle to east-ish America (that I prefer to think of as East coast, but honestly- its not) to Los Angeles, California. My initial move was to  South Orange County (love! its so pretty there). I stayed for 10 years but five years ago my fabulous career forced me to move to LA. Yes, it literally stood up and physically pushed me to move here. I’ve moved five times this past five years and guess what? I will move again, but this time, I’ve decided, it will be when I find a place I can afford to buy  🙂 I work in entertainment (TV editor) and I adore my job and all the exciting things that go along with it.

I love ballet, dogs, wine, traveling, shopping, cooking, photography, MSM(my sexy mysterious man) and my friends.

I’ve decided I’m writing this lifestyle blog because there are a lot of interesting people and things in this world that I’d love to write about. Through discovering and trying new things, I’m hoping to share with my audience ways in which we can maintain a positive young at heart attitude and a sense of style even when life is throwing things at us at exponential rates.

Oh! And I need to add this disclaimer: all thoughts, opinions, and ideas written on this blog are my own (unless quoted otherwise) and have no reflection on the ideas or opinions of my employer.

Thanks for reading.


Quintessential Jill


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