Passion cures the clamorous mind.


Recently I’ve been watching this Amazon show called Mozart In The Jungle, and, despite any inaccuracies it may portray about the world of the New York Symphony, its making me think a lot about music- for obvious reasons. A psychic once told me I was a prince in my past life and perhaps composing was my passion. It makes sense since composers write symphonic stories. I am a storyteller after all.  In the aforementioned show, a little girl explains when she plays her flute “I really don’t think at all. And when I finish, it’s like waking from a dream.” Anyone who does something with passion can relate. I completely empathize. This is just the type of quieting my mind so often craves. There are a few very specific places where I have found it easy to cease any mental cacophony ; at the barre, certain types of dance/music, cuddling with my friend’s dogs, when I’m in the groove of writing, and when I used to play my violin.

I remember when I was three or four I composed my first song. I didn’t know how to write or read music, so I literally wrote “La la la” on a piece of paper. I wrote it in a strange sort of prose- with odd spacing- probably thinking of COURSE i would remember the melody. Alas, when I re-discovered that paper maybe twelve years later, I did not remember anything. Honestly I was SO beyond excited when I found the note and when I opened it up and read it my heart was broken by the:

La la la   la la



hahaha is more like it!

The last time I had a major hiatus previous to this past one, I decided to use the time to exercise my mind and learn something new. I decided on the violin, and I never looked back. I practiced fervorously every day. I was quickly addicted and I was quite good. My teacher told me I was a prodigy. I mean granted I was like 30+ years old with previous piano lessons of which she was unaware but regardless, she told me I was a prodigy and that I picked it up faster than anyone she had ever met. And I LOVED IT. Not the praise, I LOVED playing.

The Benefits of Learning A Musical Instrument

  1. Increases the capacity of your memory.
  2. Enhances coordination.
  3. Fosters self expression.
  4. Relieves stress.
  5. Creates a sense of achievement.
  6. Boosts listening skills.
  7. Promotes happiness in your life and to those around you.

I miss my violin, and the zen of playing it. I need to get her out of storage. Seriously.

We should all resolve to do something wonderful that placates our minds in 2017.