FYC: For Your Consideration.


Its that time of the year again- the time when boxes upon boxes of DVD’s show up at my edit bay door. Sent from a plethora of networks, these DVDs contain TV show episodes and movies that need Emmy nominations from Academy members. I always wonder if most members watch through everything?! I try and watch the ones in the categories for which I’ll vote. It would take a year to get through all the DVDs….maybe more! I don’t necessarily look forward to all the boxes, but I DO look forward to being part of such an exhilarating time in the television season.

I’m so delighted to have launched this pre-Emmy’s season with a bang. Last night I attended my first For Your Consideration (FYC) Academy event at El Portal theater in North Hollywood, exploring one of my favorite shows; Jane The Virgin. (I even blogged about this show here ).

This photo includes elegant Ana Dela Cruz. While in line, I enjoyed our conversation. Ana is an actress on many shows and commercials, often playing the roll of the doctor- as she did in the second season of Jane The Virgin. Here’s to many more rolls for the lovely Ana!

All Academy members are invited to FYC events. Its another opportunity for networks to explain why they feel their show(s) deserve an Emmy nomination. Usually these events start with either a screening of an important episode, or a sizzle reel displaying samples of exemplary work. The screeners are followed by a panel consisting of actors, writers, producers, sometimes editors- moderated by a guest. The moderators ask the creatives/producers questions regarding the creation of the show, the working environment, personal revelations….the list goes on. At the end, questions are opened to the audience (academy members). The panel is followed by a cocktail and appetizer reception where the members and show runners/creatives/producers can mingle. I believe that some members try and attend all of the FYC events during the pre-Emmy season. I tend to only visit the ones covering shows I adore, or shows MSM likes (if I’m allowed to bring a guest).

Jane The Virgin Table Read Season 2 Ep 1
It was unique for the producers of Jane The Virgin to kick off their event with a table read rather than a screener.

I was beyond excited when I received my FYC invite to Jane. The crew handled their event a little differently. Rather than a screener, the members all received a script from the show and we watched a table read of Season 2 Ep 1. I was SO relieved that’s as far as they went into season 2 because I only watch shows on Netflix, so I’m  a season behind. This way there were no spoilers!

After the table read they had their regular panel, moderated by surprise guest Mario Lopez! Yay! A Saved By The Bell throwback! I’ll take it!



This is as close as I was able to get to “Raphael”, Justin Baldoni and “Petra”, Yael Grobglass. Both seemed really down to earth- just like the others. This is the type of crew I always hope to be working with, and am lucky that right now I am. Little side note- I have always loved the name Yael.

I was impressed with how well the crew got a long and how modest they all were. I can definitely relate to the wonderful and refreshing joy it is to be with a kind and talented crew that is grateful and excited to be part of the team of that particular project. I had fun meeting some of the actors. I wish I could have met them all, but I had to pick my top few because they were getting bombarded and I knew there wasn’t enough time to talk with everyone. I loved meeting Jamie Camil (Rogelio). During the panel presentation I noticed that this man is smart, sassy, and down right hilarious. I also think his acting on the show is superb.  While waiting in line I also met a few actors that played reoccurring incidental parts. All very lovely people.

Gina was literally swarmed. I just can’t get over how crazy things got after the panel. We all work in the industry so I was wondering why this particular event was full of people wanting AUTOGRAPHS. I mean yes, the crew is stellar and they all seem so humble and appreciative. I was excited to meet them as well. But acting like a bunch of star struck teenagers?! I was embarrassed for half the people that were there. Then I remembered… why worry about the things you can’t control? I just stayed true to myself and let the others deal with the craziness :). Gina seemed like a doll and took the time to speak with everyone that wanted to talk with her. She was eloquent and classy and seems to be a fabulous roll model for today’s young women. I have to say I felt the same about Andrea Novado, who plays Jane’s Mother, Xiomara. Both impressive.
Team Michael? The lighting in this place was terrible for photos but I had to post this one.  It was cool meeting the happy-go-lucky and easy to talk to Brett Dier. Brett is a little more laid back and humorous than his character Michael (though I adore Michael as well). We talked briefly about ComicCon, but then I had to move on. Not kidding about the actors being swarmed after the panel!
So sue me, I’m Team Rogelio all the way! Jamie Camil was amazing. Funny, smart, talented- the whole package. I adore this selfie we took. It completely captures the essence that is Jamie. My favorite thing that he said? That he can’t stand those people that act like they are “the last coca-cola bottle in the dessert.” I concur.  Well said Mr. Camil!

I had to prioritize, so I missed out on meeting “Raphael”, “Petra” and others. I was very exctied to meet head writer and producer Jennie Urnan. I had learned, while waiting in line for the event, that Ms. Urnan has been a writer on pretty much every show I enjoy (Ugly Betty and Gossip Girl, to name a few). I wanted to let her know that I would be excited to cut a show she wrote. I realize writers probably have no say in the hiring of post production editors, but her writing is so smart and funny and so many of her shows, mostly dramadies,  have covered subject matter that I dream of cutting.  I have learned over the years that the things we do that we feel passionately about 9 times out of ten end up fairly amazing. And the process of creation is even that much more fun. So universe…..I hope one day I can cut a show on CW that Jennie is writing.

Next I met Ivonne Coll. Honestly, she’s the initial reason I gave Jane The Virgin a shot. Ms. Coll also plays the Grandmother in Switched At Birth (I just adore this show. It gets my vote for Drama every year). I was curious to see what other show she picked to collaborate.


Ms. Ivonne Coll is a remarkable actress with so much range. I just adore what she puts in to her characters. She mentioned that when she has a spanish part in an american show, she writes her intensions in english. This was interesting to me because maybe it helps non spanish speakers to understand what she’s saying via her mannerisms…..

I do believe Jane The Virgin should get an Emmy nomination, at least definitely for the writing. The show is smart, funny, and a fresh creative twist on dramedy. If you haven’t checked it out yet, definitely do!


I was freaking out a little about this one because I knew these events tend to be fairly casual (unless its for Mad Men) but I still wanted to appear chic and successful. Here’s my Danielle approved selection:

Jacket: Alice and Olivia Sweater: T by Alexander Wang   Jeans: Current Elliott Shoes: Valentino Necklace: Chanel
I hardly ever have an opportunity to wear this statement piece. I think I need to casually throw it in to more outfits……

I feel like I don’t look so great in all the photos, but the lighting in there…..lets just blame that! What a great night. I’m curious to see if Jane gets a nomination and if so, who will the show be up against? There are a lot of good ones out there. There are also a lot of HORRIBLE ones. We shall see…..




Jane The Virgin: A lesson in relationship expectations


So, when I work out I love to watch a TV series on Netflix. Its the only time I really have time to watch TV. Sometimes I’ll watch a movie- split it between cardio sessions. But TV shows are the perfect amount of time to spend on the elliptical. Lately I’ve been watching the show Jane The Virgin and it just dawned on me that the show perfectly depicts certain stereotypes of romantic relationships.


A. Raphael- Affluent Hotel Owner. Successful. Financially stable.

Raphael is always working. He’s well dressed (yes, even his sweats will cost over 100$). With Raphael, you will have a beautifully decorated and spacious home. You will most likely belong to a tennis club where you will hob knob with the rich and famous. Think fantastic vacations and parties (but some stuck up people with whom to contend). You will have the best medical staff at your disposal whenever necessary. As Raphael’s “woman”,  he sees you as an asset. He recognizes your strengths and supports you in his own way. His idea of male/female partnership is as follows: You will often be asked to put your needs aside to make his life easier, to help him make a deal, or to comfort him. He will most often not return the favor because he will be busy working, but he will graciously buy you a new Prada handbag whenever you want one. He will promise to be there for you and he will really want to follow through, but most often work will come up, and work will always take precedence.  I’m guessing you will feel passion with Raphael, and you will love things about him as a person; perhaps he’s philanthropic or great with children/animals. Unfortunately overall, I imagine, life with a Raphael could seem lonely because as far as order of importance, you’re relationship will not come first.


B. Michael- Detective. Hard worker. Down to earth.

Alternatively, there’s Michael. Michaels are honest, hard working, and intelligent. They seek to become experts at their work, but do not make work their entire lives. Consequently, they will never be as affluent as a Raphael, but they probably would learn how to budget properly and save for some fancy things that life has to offer. Michaels look at their partners as exactly that- a partner. You will be each other’s support and true friend. Passion with Michael? It’s possible and likely. I fear some Michael relationships may turn into something more platonic. Psychologically I’m not sure why though. I think it depends on the woman. Overall, however, with a Michael you will always feel supported, loved, and important. To me these relationships seem more “real” and long lasting.

I’m wondering, does a Raphemic exist? Sexy and mysterious, hard working/sometimes evasive, but also fun and down to earth. A supportive, financially stable man with heart and some zest for adventure. Not a zillionaire, but definitely stable? That would be a catch! 😉


C. Rogelio- Working Actor (Telemundo). Passionate. Young at heart. 

OMG so Rogelio is super wealthy so he definitely has the financial stability of Raphael. He’s also creative and passionate- so more like Michael there. He SEEMS he could potentially be the Raphael/Michael hybrid. But alas, he’s mellow dramatic, arrogant, and egotistical. He’s loving, yes, but he shows it in a funny way – mostly because he can’t get past how “great” he is. Being in a relationship with him…..seems extremely difficult to me. But maybe theres some allure to it- if your the type that see his arrogance as “cute” or funny, or if it just doesn’t get to you.

Why am I writing about this?

Answer: There’s a lesson to be learned. Nobody is perfect and no relationship is perfect. We all just have to pick the flaws we can live with, and focus on the positive. There is something wonderful in everyone. At least most everyone.


Jane The Virgin is a really fun show with great writing. If your looking for something entertaining for forty minutes of de-stressing the mind, its available on Netflix and I highly recommend!

What to wear when watching Jane The Virgin?

Work out clothes! As stated above, I always watch this while I’m on the treadmill or elliptical; my “netflix” hour :).

Next up:  Embracing the holiday spirt on Abbott Kinney. See ya’ll soon!