The breath-taking Palisades Park. I can’t believe this is my back yard!

A few years ago I learned that cities rename their 13th street “Euclid”. At that time my friend Victoria decided that she would call the year 2013 “two thousand Euclid” and she bid it farewell. I survived a lot of craziness in 20Euclid that continued well into 2015. But towards the end of this year, the craziness started to dissipate, thank the lord and the universe.

Today I went for a jog along the path of the Palisades park in Santa Monica. There’s no way to describe the beauty of this run. Fresh ocean breezes and glorious azul reflecting a cleansing bright light makes one feel so liberated and free. As I ran against the backdrop of blue ocean and palms, I decided to leave behind 20Euclid and all that it dragged along with it. From this point forward I choose to believe that any other baggage is just due to PTSD. Therefore my mantras for 2016 will be the following:

A. But what if it doesn’t? No more negative projections. No more “but if I do this, (_insert something awful_) will happen. Honestly whats true is in the now and anything in the future has a 50% chance to to be negative or positive. So why not live in the truth that is now and choose to dream the future in the positive. If I hear my mind going to the “but I can’t do this because what if (something negatives) happens?” BUT WHAT IF IT DOESN’T? WHAT IF THE OUTCOME IS GREAT. No more fear of success. Lets grow and move forward.

B. The anxiety you feel now is real, but is not related to the current situation. Many people who suffer PTSD try and push aside their anxiety via rationalization. But guess what? We are not neurotic. The fear we feel is very real, and denying ourselves that feeling and calling ourselves nuts is only going to exasperate the situation. Tell yourself  (out loud) “yes, I know what you feel is coming from a real place, and thats ok. But it most likely isn’t related to the situation at hand.” I know this seems like it wont do anything- but it actually totally works. It placates the fear by accepting it. Then we can take a look and decide if the situation at hand is actually something to be nervous about or if we are negatively projecting something.

For 2016 I hope more people are able to recognize their inner beauty and are able to easily recognize their life blessings.

FYI this is NOT a New Years resolution, I totally don’t believe in those (because the desire to do them usually doesn’t last past six weeks into the new year) but rather a lifestyle attitude change.

This is the last day of 2015 and honestly its been a great year. Lets reflect on that a bit. I worked on a feature film that was released in three major cities and is currently on the short list for an Oscar Nomination!!! I moved in with MSM into his small but cozy abode in one of  the best cities in the world. I took up ASL, which challenged my mind in ways I didn’t know possible. I made new friends and attended really exciting events. I’m still in love. My pups are happy. I look forward to next year and all that it may hold. Hopefully it will include salsa lessons with MSM, traveling to exciting far away places, learning new things, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, a return of my fur babies to my own home, and more success with this blog!

The loves of my life (other than MSM). This pic is a perfect Xmas card for next year! Stanley looks so regal and Abby so happy with her Yoda ears :). Love.

What The Heck To Wear in 2016:

So another fun but challenging goal I have for this year is to dress with what I have. My new wardrobe from 2015 is AMAZING, thanks to Danielle. I have great basics, staples, and statement pieces. Since not shopping is a ridiculous unobtainable goal, I want to continue my fashionista training by learning how to be creative with what I have. I will allow myself new staples if my old ones become frumpy (ie. jeans tear, T shirts fade…etc) and every quarter a new statement piece could be fun. Otherwise, for this year I am challenging myself to pay down these credit cards and get creative with fashion! Let the self-discovery begin!

I couldn’t wait to wear this outfit so I threw it on to go to Whole Foods in Venice Beach- where I was surprised to see I wasn’t over dressed! So many decked out west-siders in Venice! Booties: Prada Leggings: From Paris (so mad I didn’t buy more! They were 12$ and I LOVE THEM) Sweater: Sonia Reikel Denim Jacket: Current Elliott Scarf: My mom (literally) Bag: St. Laurent.

Happy New Year to everyone out there! May we have a fabulous and exciting 2016 full of growth, prosperity, love and laughter! Good Bye 20Euclid, bring in the new! What are some of your goals for 2016?

Off to Motley Crue’s last show! haha. More on that later…..






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