And the lifetime achievement award goes to……

With the middle of awards season happening, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about who are my fashion/style icons. Then I decided to push it a little further. Who are the  women out there that I can look up to as not just fashion idols,  but life attitude roll models?  I’ve decided I’m calling these women my Attitude&Style icons:

Here’s my list:

1.Diane Keaton– 

Ok Diane is for sure not my FASHION icon per say, though I do appreciate her sense of individuality re style. I just adore her. She’s someone I revere. She’s aged with such grace and dignity. I just love how sassy she is. How she’s remained true to herself despite all her years in the Hollywood scene, where its so easy to become a plastic product molded into what the entertainment industry wants you to be (think Tom Cruise. I mean who IS he really? A plastic product of hollywood. A personality-less action doll. Just my opinion). Ms. Keaton is strong, independent, has her own voice, and stands up for her beliefs. On the flip side,  she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She can have fun. Break the rules. Laugh at life. And she definitely has her own sense of style.

Pic from google images. Love this hat. She's so cute!
Pic from google images. Love this hat. She’s so cute!

A few years ago Diane and I were neighbors. I used to see her walking her adorable lab around the bluffs. One time my Stanley ran up to say “hi” to her pup and we actually had a short conversation (Oddly or not so oddly, I’ve met a lot of celebs because my dog runs up to their dogs. Guess I should train Stanley not to run off like that…..hahaha. Or not!). I didn’t tell her she was one of my roll models – that would have been too weird. BUT…I did compliment her leopard print jogging pants. I’m sorry, but any woman that can pull off pants like that is awesome in my book! Love you Diane!

2.Betty White-

Definitely a life roll model. I’ve had the pleasure (and honor) of working with this woman, and I’m not sure how to really express the extent of how amazing she is. She’s SO nice. Really. Genuinely. She cares about the people around her and is interested in them and the world. She has no sense of “i’m better than you”, she treats everyone as an equal. Also she loves dogs as much as I do. At the time we worked together we bonded over pictures of her black and white Shih Tzu, Panda, and my black and white Shi-Tzu, Daisy (may those little angels rest in peace).

The trick to Ms. White's great quality of life is her ability to find humor in almost anything. She is a joy to be around. Photo by Toby Canham for Getty Images.
The trick to Ms. White’s great quality of life is her ability to find humor in almost anything. She is a joy to be around. Photo by Toby Canham for Getty Images.

Betty has aged with grace. She has a fun loving and uplifting attitude. She focuses on the good, remains optimistic, and can roll with the bad very well- mostly by finding silver linings and through laughter  (trust me, I know). Love you Betty!

3.Blair Waldorf-

Ok I know she’s a character in a basically extinct TV series, but to me Blair stays very much alive and forever young. I love her sass and non-delusinal sense of confidence. Her wit is ingenious (thank you writers) AND her sense of style – impeccable. Sometimes when in doubt I think to myself “what would Blair wear to this event?”- and it never goes wrong. Her style is classic and will never die. She’s ageless. And thats how I hope to be.

I think Blair's ambition and confidence is what would keep her alive and gorgeous well into her 90's if she was a real person. :)
I think Blair’s ambition and confidence is what would keep her alive and gorgeous well into her 90’s-  if she was a real person. 🙂

Are there any real women that channel Blair? Hmmm…..YES! My Aunt Joan! (see next on the list)

4.Joan Luntz-

I adore this woman. She’s now something like 93 years old- in fact I think yesterday was her birthday! She is still as beautiful and alive as ever! A long time ago, when women were expected to stay at home and not work, bless her heart for having the strength and sense of independence to follow her passion and start her own business designing textures and motifs for dinnerware. She is always dressed impeccably. She is ambitious, well read, has fantastic wit, and still -despite any obstacles- enjoys socializing with her friends discussing anything from fabrics to football.  Love you Aunt Joan!

My Aunt Joan. Definitely worthy of lifestyle Icon status.
My Aunt Joan circa 1980. Definitely worthy of life&style Icon status.

Checking in with these wonderful ladies here and there remind me that life is great and we can live it fully and for a long time. I think my father was right when he said “Jilly, the key to happiness is having the ability to laugh at whats thrown at you, and to laugh even at yourself. Laughter combined with ambition are the keys to a lifetime of joy.”  Thanks dad, for teaching me that.

Who are your Attitude&Style icons, and why? Share in comments if you’d like. Otherwise,

Keep smiling!




3 thoughts on “And the lifetime achievement award goes to……

  1. Great suggestions! I love Diane Keaton, and I feel I have a heavy dose of Blair Waldorf in me. LOL! I always loved Elizabeth Taylor, because she was rich, beautiful and didn’t seem to give an eff. Haha! I read an excellent bio on Marissa Mayer, CEO and President of Yahoo. She is super inspiring to me, along with Oprah, as I appreciate the fact that she came from nothing and built an empire.

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