Love you, love you not?

Not to be crass, but some a- hole brought donuts into work today. I really think donuts in the workplace should be illegal.

The store the donuts came from is called Donut Friend. WTF? Donuts have never been our friends, nor will they ever BE our friends. These are so freakishly delicious though, I’ve decided i’m renaming the store “Donut Frenemy”. They are literally impossible not to eat. I’m proud of myself- i only had a tiny sliver….. of six different flavors….. but hey, it still ended up only being a quarter of a donut!

The Polar Berry Club. Ridiculous. I love and hate you Donut
The Polar Berry Club. Ridiculous. I love and hate you Donut “Friend”.  An irresistibly delicious petit gateaux circulaire (maybe if I say it in french, the calories won’t count). I mean look at it! Its gorgeous.
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 2.46.02 PM
The JavaBreaker. A coffee infused cake donut with an espresso bean glaze. Both pics from Donut Friend’s website. BTW- they also, apparently, have a build your own donut. I will never visit this store- unless maybe after I run a marathon. Or……

I’m happy for you, Mr. Crew member, and delighted to celebrate your one year anniversary with the team. But next time can you please bring in a veggie tray?



PS. Isn’t it perfect I posted this after an article about the significance of working out??


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