Football Schmootball? The Super Bowl For The Non-Aficionado.

There could be worse things to look at?

Lets face it, the Super Bowl is around the corner. Its just days away. Usually this means two words to me: Spa. Day. However, this year I am attending a Super Bowl Party, which means tons of bad for you but delicious food and a seriously BORING game on TV, equalling over-eating and weight gain, thus leading to anger and then finally depression. I don’t know how many of you ladies out there eat out of boredom during this annual predominantly male ritual, but for me its a no brainer. I both dread and love Super Bowl Sunday. I get sick from that deliciously ooey- gooey wedge of Brie with honey drizzled on top (that someone NEVER fails to bring) and the damn spinach artichoke dip EVERY YEAR. I just can’t help myself. What is it with all the cheese on Super Bowl Sunday anyways?? When it comes to my will power, Superbowl Sunday is almost worse than the winter holidays!!  Now I realize, know, and accept that some of you women out there are really into football, legitimately. You can follow the game on TV despite the bazillion replays, bumpers, and numerous other distractions (ie. that sexy quarterback and his tight pants. Football? What football?). Lets just say you ladies are in a category of your own. NO JUDGEMENT here, you’re all great, I’m just not one of you, unfortunately.

Me on Super Bowl Sunday (unless I’m at a Spa).

If I loathe it so much, why go?? Good question with an easy answer; its a great way to catch up with old friends. That’s actually a lie. I’m going because it happens to be MSM’s birthday and he rented half a bar to celebrate while watching the game. I wouldn’t miss his birthday party for the world.  Besides….as one of my BFF’s always says “when in Rome….” So there you go.

Yep. This is pretty much what football means to me.

Today I would like to provide two game plans (pun intended) for us football apathetic ladies who are, for whatever reason, landing at a Super Bowl Party. 1. How to stay healthy and still have fun at said party and 2. What the heck to wear.

Lets shake things up a bit and start with the outfit ideas.

What The Heck To Wear To A Super Bowl Party:

Obviously the key is casual, right? But we want to still look adorably well put together and event specific without looking like were in a costume. I perused the internet and the following are some suggested outfit ideas from other bloggers (all photos from Pinterest). To stay in sports mode, I’ve decided to score each ensemble.

  1. Over-sized blazer, jeans, and booties:
Possible Super Bowl Party Outfit
Ok, but nothing special. And its not really saying “Super Bowl” to me. Super Bowl Party Score: C. Doable, but nah….

2. Casual sweater, hat, leather pants, and flats:

I like that hat and the flats idea. But still, just seems like an every day outfit. No excitement. Cute for work though! Super Bowl Party Score: B- Something’s just missing.

3. The boyfriend Jeans combo:

Eighty-six the coat and this one makes more sense to me. Boyfriend jeans? Perfect! Sweater/shirt combo? Tres Fall/winter. And cozy. Chunky heeled pumps? Perfectly casual but still gives an air of class and sophistication. We’re getting closer! Super bowl party score: A   I personally would rock this. 
what to wear to a superbowl party
Though I’ve vowed that, if I ever own uggs, I will only wear them in my house and/or to and from Ballet. That being said, I would change the shoes here- possibly Addidas? Those seem hip right now. Otherwise I love this outfit. Great to wear a jersey or T with one of the NFL Super Bowl teams on it. The hat is adorable and keeps it casual. Super Bowl Party Score: A+ Bingo!

I feel like wearing something you enjoy can also add to the pleasure of the party. Not sure why Danielle hasn’t recommended much for this event. I’m still waiting for her answer…..if I get one, I’ll reveal my outfit later.


Put The Chip Down And Walk Away Slowly; How To Stay Healthy And Actually Enjoy Yourself At A Super Bowl Party:

1. If your at a house-hosted party, be sure to bring a healthy option. My favorite? The easy veggie tray full of lots of crunchy and delicious vegetables. Along with this, here is a recipe for a low fat spinach artichoke dip: Healthy Artichoke Heart Dip . 

Looks delish! Sub the chips with veggies and you can mindfully eat to your hearts content.

2. If your at a bar, ask to sub any chips with celery for dips. Another idea, sneak in your own snacks. Stick a bag of something in your purse. I literally brought a snack bag of green beans to Disneyland! It sounds tacky but seriously, health comes first.

3. In case your not aware, the following drinks have the least amount of sugar and calories (all under 200):

  1. Vodka Soda with a lime– delish and only 96 calories, but can get BORING.
  2. Old Fashioned – Burbon, Bitters, a hit of sugar, a twist of orange- simple and clean.
  3. Skinny Margarita from freshly made lime juice – NOT a pre-made mix or simple sugar (see #5)
  4. Cosmopolitan – light on the cranberry (I was shocked these come in at under 150cal)
  5. Mojito– light on the sugar. Make sure the bar tender makes this with the classic ingredients of Vodka, lime juice, mint, and mottled sugar- light on the sugar, NOT a pre-made mix.
  6. Gimlet – Classic, Cucumber, or Basil.

**Sip slowly. Have a water between every drink.

The Old Fashioned of Mad Men fame is actually relatively low in sugar and is a great alternative to the Vodka Soda.  Photo: Best Old Fashions in Paris Best Old Fashioneds

4. Make sure to invite other friends that aren’t into Football– These parties are usually the more the merrier, and this way you can have fun conversation and other distractions from the food. If its a restricted list party….thats a tough one- don’t stay for the whole game?

5. Focus on the new commercials that are always aired on Super Bowl Sunday. Companies pay BILLIONS for these amazing and creative commercial spots. I have no idea why there isn’t an award ceremony dedicated just to these. Maybe there is….. Here are some fun games you can play that focus on the commercials rather than the game: Super Bowl Commercial Games

6. Maybe wear something a little tight– so that theres no room for expansion. I’m not saying dress like a hooker, but no fancy sweat pants either.


If you ARE lackadaisically attending a Super Bowl party on Sunday (as am I), I hope these pointers help. BTW, don’t forget a hostess gift! If you think its hard to attend one of these bad boys, try organizing one!




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