The Last Remaining Bookstore.


It’s overcast and a bit chilly today in LA. The perfect recipe for a nice walk and a visit to our local bookstore, which I swear is the last standing bookstore in America.

When I returned home from Pilates around 11:30am I suggested to msm that we take a walk to grab a bite for an early lunch. I absolutely love the walkability of Santa Monica. There is nothing as wonderful as being able to get all my weekend errands done en foote at a leisurely exploratory pace. After some convincing msm agreed to try this restaurant I’ve been dying to try called The Hummus Bar. No idea why I’ve been coveting this seemingly fast food restaurant but we were both happily surprised the The Hummus Bar is not a QSR at all! We shared some vegetarian rice, a healthy garden salad with grilled chicken breast (perfectly doused in Mediterranean spices), and a chicken shawarma pita sandwich. Wow!! All delicious and reasonably priced. Everything there looks amazing and I’ve been obsessed with Mediterranean grub lately, so we will definitely be going back.

After hitting the bank and The Vanilla Bake Shop (msm’s birthday is just around the corner so I’m cake hunting vs baking) we decided to stop at Henessey+Ingalls book store. I love this store! It has a European bookstore feel, a splendid throw back to our wonderful trip to Biarritz, home of (in my opinion) the most amazing bookstore in the world (don’t remember the name, but I could find it again if I get to return to Biarritz). When I have the opportunity to go into a bookstore I always look for my childhood love, Caroline’s Golden Adventures by Pierre Probst. My sister stole this book from me and refuses to A. Admit it’s mine and B. Return it to its rightful owner. The book has been out of print for years but H+I is exactly the type of store that may still carry it- other than a vintage store.

A photo from Town And Country’s instagram account. Speaking of textiles and fashion, how GORGEOUS is this dress? I’m loving this photo and all of its Cinderella-like glory. Oh how I dream of wearing this gown some day. Perchance to the Oscars?

Sadly they did not have my beloved Caroline but they DID have a plethora of other amazing options. I was captivated by the textile and fashion section (surprise, surprise). Here I discovered Where’s Karl?, a book that tickled me. This book is in the vain of Where’s Waldo but stars Karl Lagerfeld and his fashion friends Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Grace Coddington, and Anna Wintour (to name a few). Sadly my all time fave Jay Fielden, who has single handedly evolved T&C into an approachable and exciting magazine, is not included. Perhaps this calls for a letter requesting a Where’s Karl 2 or maybe even a Where’s Jay?! Regardless, I’m beside myself with excitement and know exactly what I’ll be doing for the next two hours with a cup of hot cocoa and msm by my side (he will be watching football of course).


On our way home our adventure took us past this entirely lovely Tiffany teal house. What woman wouldn’t want to live here? Or at least stop to basque in the gorgeous happiness that is this color?

Reminiscent of the candy houses in the photos my bff used to send me from Cape May,  I’m in love with this Tiffany Teal home with a rooftop view of the Pacific ocean. 

At five were heading out for combo massages and mani/pedis followed by a date night at Salt Air in Venice Beach. Salt Air has been recommended by friend and fellow blogger Monica of Gisele Chic. I’m excited to try this place, especially the apparently “amazing” tomato soup. I will let you know once the verdict is in. 🙂

Despite the clouds and cool air, what a fabulously sunny day this ended up being. Sometimes Los Angeles loves love, and sometimes one can find some casual fun amongst the crazy dirt belching metropolis of urbanity.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend as well!

PS In line with my “Karl Kraze”, look at these ADORABLE cufflinks I found in this month’s Elle!!!! OMG- Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life?


I may seriously have to consider buying myself a tux so I can rationalize owning these!! Karlito is just SO CUTE! hahaha. I wonder if they could be transformed into earrings….







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