Lets browse some brows.


My heads a little all over the place this week. Who knew that wearing 5 inch heels could throw a persons back out?? Oh the pain! But they are such cute booties! There MUST be a resolution. I can’t just put them out forever into the great wide shoe pasture  (ie consignment). I’m just not ready for that….

As I try and think of solutions and wait for the Advil to kick in, lets discuss the eyebrow.

Back in my past life -26 years ago – when I was first learning how to be a hair/makeup artist (my erstwhile claim to fame) I was taught that an eyebrow can “make or break a face”. Since I know my teacher at the time was not the original oracle to speak this expression, I’ve googled “who was the first person responsible” for making this statement and alas, no answer. I didn’t make this up though, nor did my teacher. Its legit. In fact, its SO legit there are apparently countless numbers of articles floating around  internet space containing the exact same words. Nothing says “oh no!” like a mis-aligned brow. Alternatively, with the right brow, every face can be fortunate in the looks department.

What can the right eyebrow shape do for you?


Browhaus eyebrow makeovers
If the eyes are the window to your soul, the brows are the curtains. They shouldn’t take a lead role, front and center, but they should support the overall look of the face. Being the supporting actress is tres importante. We need to give them more credit, and special attention. Camilla Belle’s brows perfectly exemplify a beautiful brow. Photo: Google images

When eyebrows are shaped correctly not only can they  enhance or brighten the face, they can also make a person appear younger (cheapest and least painful facelift ever!).

If you play around with brow shape you will notice that a very small change can make a huge difference. I had a friend in college that tried a few different brow shapes before picking one that she felt revealed the true her. Even early on, before I knew I’d be doing hair and makeup, I was intrigued by how different each look was, and how it so greatly changed her appearance. I remember her telling me “eyebrow shape reveals character.” At first I questioned the healthiness of her vanity, but as I watched her work and change, I noticed she was correct. Each shape manifested an entirely different person. I had learned the power of the brow.

Lilly Collins looks stunning with her thick brows. They fit her face and are well balanced to compliment her beautiful eyes. Photo: google images

With all this in mind, don’t necessarily choose whats momentarily in fashion for the brows (back in the 1990s, thin was in. 1980’s, thick….the fashion changes). Its best to go with a shape that makes you look like the best YOU you can be. This is especially important because there will come a time, if you pluck and shape over years, the hair wont grow back. Trends come and go, but sadly, eventually eyebrow hair does not.


Some guidelines for shaping the best windows:

  1. Uni-brow: If you have a uni-brow, follow the inside corner of your eye/tear duct directly up. This is where your brow should start. Any further away from center will look like an unnatural chasm, and who wants the Grand Canyon between there eyes?? Some may argue that a uni-brow gives character, so why not keep it? Sorry friends, unless your Freida Kahlo, The Mona Lisa, or a cave-man, please pluck.
  2. Scarce Brows:   A. If you need to fill your brows in (most of us do past a certain age), don’t match the color exactly to your hair color. If your blonde, feel comfortable going a few shades darker. Dark hair? You can go a little lighter. Red? Use a warm color a bit off from the one on your head. This will appear the most natural. B. When filling in your brow use short strokes as if you are literally drawing pieces hair onto the brow. This will help you avoid those thick penciled in brows that look obviously drawn in. Unless that’s the look your going for- in which case, more power to you. To each her own.

    Megan Fox. Another example of gorgeous brows. Hers are filled in here, but there are still some imperfect hairs that make the brows appear natural. With brows, keeping a little imperfection is key to making them appear natural and not look completely drawn in. Photo: Google Images
  3. Don’t over pluck: I wish I had believed my mother when she told me to be careful with my tweezers. Luckily I feel I usually gave myself a good shape so I’m basically left with a favorable brow that only needs a bit of filling. Just be careful. Mom was right on this one. As stated early, eventually the brows stop growing or thin out.
  4. Test drive a brow: I’ve never done this before but a safe way to try on new brows for size- grab some eyebrow putty. This allows you to cover your brows and draw any shape you want so you can test drive some looks. Could make for a fun evening? Eyebrow Plastic
  5. Correcting a mis-pluck: When I was in high school this boy, Dott Deigle, lost control of the electric razor and accidentally shaved off half an eyebrow. I was so traumatized by this that I’ve never forgotten. Never mind asking how the H someone was capable of doing something so imbecilic, he looked like an alien! The good news- it grew back! I’m adding this to this section in case you mess up on your brows. EVENTUALLY they don’t grow back, but that takes years. So don’t fret if you make a mistake. Click here for some good instructions on how to draw in a brow (I’d explain myself, but this has photos, which helps): http://www.wikihow.com/Hide-or-Fix-a-Shaved-off-Eyebrow 


OMG the BEST product for filling in brows:

Dior Brow Styler: By far, without thinking, this is my favorite. It comes in two colors, universal brown and universal dark brown. This pencil is easy to use and literally, it universally looks good. Available at most department stores.


Anastasia powder (use her brush with this): This is my second favorite and is what I used in my makeup kit when I was pro.  In my opinion a powder is more difficult to use but this one is very nice and comes in a plethora of natural shades. Use the brush at an angle at the base of your brow and push up. The brush is the perfect size to create a brow. Confused? I’m pretty sure you can buy stick on stencils from Anastasia. I loved those when I used them.

When searching for a photo of this product I stumbled upon this super easy photo tutorial on how to naturally fill in a brow. Photo: Google Images

Lessons in Brows:

Back when I was attending the make-up academy (yes, this exists), I read this amazing book: The Eyebrow: by Robyn Cosio. If your looking for some fun, light reading, I suggest you check this out. I get nothing from this. I just really love the book.

I have not read this book, but it looks particularly interesting as a guide to your perfect brow and how to shape it: Beautiful Brows  

All right, thats all for now. Happy brow playing!











5 thoughts on “Lets browse some brows.

  1. *Ordering Dior Brow Shaper immediately* This is a GREAT post!!! Thank you for sharing. I am a certified esthetician (no longer practicing) and I cringe every time I see “apostrophe” eyebrows or instagram eyebrows in real life! Really great, easy-to-apply tips here, Jill!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG I too can’t deal with the “apostraphe” (cringing at the thought). Occupational hazzard: when I see bad brows I want to fix them on sight. They’re like an eye sore! But whats an “instagram” eyebrow??! (do I want to know?)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahahaha! I should do a post on Instagram eyebrows. It’s when women shade in their eyebrows quite heavily in a colour that doesn’t suit their skin tone or hair colour very well but leave the beginning part very wispy and sparse. Then, they add too-light concealer above and below the eyebrows to highlight the shape. Doesn’t sound too bad – until you see the massacre which is the “Instagram eyebrow”.


  2. I can gratefully say I have NOT seen this! Thank goodness. Now I’m curious though…..Def do a post. haha. Sounds atrocious but a great platform for some of your hilarious comments!


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