Premiere Premiere: LA’s Historic District.


How totally exciting! My first theatrically released feature premiered last Friday at the Downtown Independent. Red carpet and all!

Where to eat in LA’s Historic District?

Prior to pre-party cocktails, my adopted brother and I met at Baco Mercat.

The Moxie.
The Moxie from Baco Meracat.

I can’t recommend this place enough. It has kind of a hipster vibe which may or may not be for you, but the food is EXQUISITE. The ambiance is cool and breezy. There is an indoor and outdoor seating option, both cozy and relaxed. The acoustics are great in here so the talk levels are comfortable. This place is mostly known for  baco, a signature flatbread sandwich developed by chef Josef Centeno. The baco is yummy, but seriously,  ALL the food is SO good. Its a sharing menu kind of place- four plates/pair is perfect. This time we tried the spicy cauliflower (amazing), the brussel sprouts (amazing), the carne picada coca (amazing), and the hamachi crudo (you guessed it, amazing). They also have a great selection of specialty drinks. I sipped the Moxie; bourbon, cynar, lime juice, agave, mole bitters, which was delicious. Call for reservations or your wait will be long- however, its definitely worth the wait!

The Venue:

What a fun venue! Smack in the middle of the historic district of downtown LA, The Downtown Independent is known for hosting private screenings like ours, but apparently they also are available for weddings and other parties.

Story board artist, Owen, looking snazzy in his white tie. Tres chic en Vogue!
Story board artist, Owen, looking snazzy in his white tie. Tres chic en Vogue!

I loved hanging out and talking with everyone at the pre-screener, held in the theaters reception loby. Everyone looked super snazzy in their premiere attire. There was an open bar, including traditional movie theater candy and popcorn. Also available, non- traditional options like a “root beer” with 5% alcohol. Dangerously delicious!!

Yay Junior mints!
Yay Junior mints!

The concession crew was so nice and accommodating. I even got to go home with what was left of the popcorn, prepared by none other than Brazil, Indiana’s (home to Orville Redenbacher) Landon. I think he must have learned from Orville himself, because YUM. PERFECT ratio of salt to butter. Great work Landon! Interesting fact: popcorn doesn’t go stale- you can just reheat it in the oven at a low temp for a few minutes and BAM- its crunchy again!

The concession crew was super friendly and accommodating.
The concession crew was super friendly and accommodating. Here’s a picture of Landon explaining how to freshen up “stale” popcorn.
Is this not the biggest bag of popcorn you’ve ever seen??

The Film:

The film turned out amazing. I’m so proud of all of us. The story tracks, the graphics look incredible. I actually cried a little. Its a lot of work making a movie! I feel very proud and happy to have been a part of it. It will be a limited release at Alamo Draft House Theaters and NYC Comic Con in the fall. It will also air on Cartoon Network soon thereafter, followed by a DVD release with outtakes and fun bonus tracks. If anyones reading this- check it out!!! Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to making another movie soon.

Mordecai and Rigby silloutted by moonlight on the rooftop of the Downtown Independent.
Mordecai and Rigby silhouetted by the moonlight on the rooftop of the Downtown Independent. Even our characters got to have fun. 

After Party:

Following the film there was an after party on the rooftop of the theater. Music + Aussie Pies + excited crew members. Hurrah!

What to Wear to a movie premiere:  In the words of my fairy god mother, something “effortlessly chic”.

Walking the red carpet. This was much different than the Emmy’s, where your surrounded by press and a sea of celebrities. This felt more like a private party with a bunch of fun people you already know. Don’t get me wrong, the Emmys are amazing. But this party was really special.
I love the details of this bag.
Jaqui  Aiche ear cuff available via @styledbydanielleklein. Photo: @mekaeldawson 

Gown: Haute Hippie   Shoes: Stewart Weitzman “The Nudist”  Bag: YSL   Jewelry: Designed by Jaqui Aiche   Styled by: Danielle Klein

‘Til next time, xoxo


PS Heres a link to the trailer of our movie: Regular Show Movie


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