Hi! Its me, Jill.

Ramones Have you ever looked in your closet and felt overwhelmed? You love clothes but you have no idea what to wear or how to put them together? You buy discounted designer stuff only because its discounted and designer but by the way it looks like complete poop on you? One of the reasons I’m writing this blog is to share my journey from clueless fashionphile (who can’t outfit anything herself – see outfit above)  to fashionista. I’ve been working with a FANTASTIC stylist, Danielle (@styledbydenielleklein), since last year. AKA my fairy godmother and my “drug dealer” (I’m addicted to shopping- but actually since shopping with her i’ve spent less and have more great things to wear- so its a beautiful thing). I wish that I could have taken some before photos to document this from day 1, but oh well. We’ll take it from here…..because I”m still clueless…but Danielle says I’m learning so this is great news.

A little about me:

^ My cousin and I having fun with Karlito after a successful day of shopping with Danielle.

My name is Jill. 14 years ago I moved from a rural suburb in middle to east-ish America (that I prefer to think of as East coast, but honestly- its not) to Los Angeles, California. My initial move was to  South Orange County (love! its so pretty there). I stayed for 10 years but five years ago my fabulous career forced me to move to LA. Yes, it literally stood up and physically pushed me to move here. I’ve moved five times this past five years and guess what? I will move again, but this time, I’ve decided, it will be when I find a place I can afford to buy  🙂 I work in entertainment (TV editor) and I adore my job and all the exciting things that go along with it.

I love ballet, dogs, wine, traveling, shopping, cooking, photography, MSM and my friends. HereItIS I’m going to use this blog as a diary to document my thoughts, dreams, travels, insights, worries, recipes,  growth, whatever…..I want to honestly no holds barred share. It will reflect quintessentially me. I may change names here and there…just so I don’t get into any trouble. All photos will be taken by me unless credited otherwise. I’m hoping as things evolve I will be creating a chronicle of advice on how to stay happy, gorgeous,  and young at heart while growing into a strong, independent, responsible adult in the urban metropolis known as Los Angeles. No idea where this blog will take me or what i want to get out of it yet, but the best way to start something is to just start. So here goes…..(I hope I write another entry!) …I hope you find it insightful or comforting or helpful or something else thats good. Cheers, Quintessential Jill


*artwork by the talented Sam Spina.

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