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There are so many things I can talk about regarding being sixteen. If I sit and close my eyes I can still recall the feel of a pristine smog-free breeze, the perfume of fresh green earth, the inner workings of my teenaged mind (mostly focused on boys and clothes). I can still hear the music of the time, navigating the rhythm of my life. John Hughes was my hero. Nadia (Comaneci) my mentor. Everything was so much safer back then, or at least the dangers were less highlighted, and my anxieties were sub par. I was naive but brave, determined, and so excited. I had nothing but growth ahead of me. My life was void of the anvils of “have to’s” that currently rest on my shoulders and weigh me down. Every day was a road trip with the windows down and no traffic. Freedom.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We all need to remember that we clearly had problems back then, as no one’s life is perfect. But 16 year old worries and blankety blank year old worries are vastly different. Why is that? I so badly want to let- go and just live, and do so well into my 90’s. It must be doable. I feel like when I look around, not everyone seems stressed. At least not at first glance….

I was very close to my grandmother when I was sixteen. My mom’s mom. Unfortunately my father’s mom passed when I was younger- though I have some amazing memories of her sense of humor and her fortitude, which I hope to share some time. At sixteen I didn’t have a lot of close friends, as I felt a bit out of place with the other girls in my grade. Though Grandma could be judgmental and definitely had no filter regarding telling me her thoughts, she was fun. We played rummy-cube a lot, and art designed fantastically imagined parties.

One day I accompanied Grandma to Severance (the mall close to her home). She needed to pick some things up at Woolworths, a local drugstore housed in the mall. Honestly I think Woolworth’s may have actually been the original “Five and Dime”, a variety store like Target. While Grandma shopped her list, I browsed the VHS movies that were on sale. (OMG VHS! hahaha). I was intrigued by a movie entitled Gidget. Cute surfer boys, the ocean, and a smiling blonde girl on the cover. This is who I dream of being!!! My grandma happily agreed to buy me the film. In hindsight, it was an amazing gift.  I was truly captivated, smitten by all things Gidge. After watching the movie a couple hundred times, I started watching re-runs of the TV show staring Sally Fields. Also adorable! The young Fields was even more sassy than Sandra Dee. Like Barbie, Gidget departed from the traditional female role models seen in 1950’s films and on TV. Despite all the slack Sandra Dee got in Grease, I admired her optimism and zest for life.

Life Lessons Learned From Gidget:

  1. Who cares what other people think. Stay true to you and HAVE FUN DOING IT.tumblr_mm1u3mcoo81s9hmkxo1_500
  2. Its always good to partake in an outdoor sport.
  3. Don’t second guess your curiosity. Embrace your inner adventurer.tumblr_ns6i83Oao61ubt16wo6_250
  4. Leave the Man-hunts to the Man-hunters.
  5. Maintain a good attitude by looking for the silver lining, the lesson, or the
  6. Its ok to be happy and to show your happiness. Demure isn’t always necessary.
  7. You can learn almost anything from books.PrideP2Gidget_Pride
  8. A smile makes the face beautiful.
  9. A real woman brings out the best in a man (and vice versa!).
  10. A man that serenades you is the most romantic thing in the world.
  11. The bigger they are, the dopier they get.
  12. Malibu is AMAZING.

Gidget’s positive outlook and love for life is most definitely 90% of the reason I moved to California. I figured living by the ocean must enhance happiness, and if I was going to start fresh and launch my own business (hair/makeup), SoCal was the place to be. In case your curious, the remaining reasons I moved to SoCal are attributed to The Beach Boys, my college room-mate (Monica), and the possibility of marrying Michael J. Fox. (yeah….riiiiiiight).

gidget 06

How The Heck To Dress Like Gidget:

What better time to dream about being super beachy than mid winter? To dress like the original Gidget, think high waisted shorts, cropped tops, a-line dresses, and soft summery cardigans. Unfortunately Danielle is really against Gidget Garb, so most of my 50’s inspired pieces are gone :(.

Gidget Goes San Sebastian. Top: ALC  Shorts: Wildfox 


Models sunbathing, wearing late 1950’s beach fashions. Honestly how adorable? I love the two plaid ones! I have no idea why Danielle is so opposed. Which is probably why I need her to dress me. hahaha.

I still love Gidget. Sometimes when I’m down or blue, watching the film is just the spark I need to rejuvenate my soul. It reminds me of what brought me to LA in the first place and to not take everything so seriously. It reminds me of my true goals of a simple happy life, and sparks a rebirth in my determination. Though I upgraded to the three disk DVD version of the movie, I still cherish the original VHS tape my Grandmother bought for me. Its one of the few things I still have that reminds me of her.

If any of you have a chance, here’s a link to a streaming version of the film: Gidget Original Movie

Let me know if you think it still holds up…..







Rompin’ around Oahu!


We just got back from Hawaii yesterday. Culture shock big time! I can’t believe how much faster the pace of life is here in Los Angeles. I don’t want to live in Hawaii- though it is beautiful- but I would like to maintain the relaxed state of mind. I wish I knew how.


I even love the word “Island”. Look how beautiful it looks. ISLAND. When I see it, I see flowers like plumeria and gardenia, and abundant amounts of plush greens. mmmm. Smells so nice. If I ever have a daughter, I’d like to name her Isla.

After this visit to Oahu,  I have now been to four of the five main Hawaiian Islands. I love them in this order: Kauai, Oahu, Big Island, Maui. Still one day I could see Molokai and Lanai (which I believe used to be a Dole pineapple plantation. I mean the entire island).

Enjoying a coconut mojito by the pool at The Modern in Waikiki.
Enjoying a coconut mojito poolside at The Modern in Waikiki.

Oahu, in my opinion, is a good mix between an island getaway and staying in a large bustling city. Honolulu comprises most of the island. Skyrocketing resort hotels kiss the tropical blue waters of the Pacific and outline Waikiki. We loved eating at Goofy’s- a local cafe close to but just far enough away from the main hub of hotels. The Nobu in Waikiki is by far the best Nobu I’ve been to. As per usual the drinks were amazing and there were way more soy free options at this particular location than the others. Yay.

We stayed at The Modern. The name describes it perfectly- modern. I highly recommend. It felt fresh and clean and unpretentiously upscale. The food was mediocre, but there are plenty of places to venture outside the hotel for meals- most walking distance. We prefer to explore and eat like locals when traveling anyways :). The hotel pool was exquisite and the beach boardwalk is just a short walk away.


One of my favorite things in Waikiki was taking a surf lesson at Hans Hedemann’s surf school. I may have to blog about that independently because it was AMAZING!!! And yes, I stood up on the board- although only briefly. hahaha.

Sleepy pipeline. During the winter, when pipeline is more awake, this is where pro surfers gather from around the world to compete.
This beautiful non-threatening beach is called Pipeline. During the winter, when pipeline is more awake,  pro surfers gather from around the world to compete.
During the winter season Pipeline waves average 15 feet! Photo by
Nov-Feb Pipeline waves average 15 feet minimum! Photo by Jeff Divine: Jeff Divine Surf Photography

After Waikiki we visited Hawaii Kai- the home town of MSM’s best friend. I loved Waikiki, but it was nice to explore and discover the local’s Hawaii. We played on the beach on the North Shore, got to see a sleepy Pipeline (see photo above), swam with man-o-wars on the south, considered kayaking to “Scylla and Charybdis” (the waves were too choppy- but next time we’ll go), and stood in awe from the beauty of Maks- the local beach hang out and my personal favorite (photo below). Early one morning we hiked up an old dilapidated train line to catch a view of Hawaii Kai and most of Oahu- which was both fun and challenging. The view was a perfect reward, as was the fantastic crepe at the local breakfast cafe. There are tons of hikes in Oahu, but we mainly beach hopped. I’d love to go back for more hikes. But first I want to hike Napali on Kauai. 

Maks. SO gorgeous the pictures do no justice. Notice the tiny little lighthouse far in the distance. I loved the contrast of black, blue, and green. Heaven on earth.
Maks. SO gorgeous the pictures do no justice. Notice the tiny little lighthouse far in the distance. I loved the contrast of black, blue, and green. Heaven on earth.

So apparently one thing you can’t miss next time your in Oahu is a “plate lunch”. There’s like 50 choices of meat (mostly pork, and chicken) over rice and macaroni salad. I have to admit it was pretty yummy (minus the mac salad bc lets face it, mayo is nasty and should be outlawed). A local plate lunch tastes delicious after a long day of playing in the sun and salty water.

Flashback to 1970, this shack served a perfectly delicious plate lunch. Photo taken by the talented Catherina.
Looking like a flashback to 1970, this shack recently served us a perfectly delicious plate lunch. Photo taken by the talented Catherina.

If I had packed for this trip on my own, I would have thrown in only denim shorts and t shirts. Luckily Danielle helped me pack- because her picks couldn’t have been more perfect. What better way to romp around Hawaii than in a romper?? Each day next week I will feature one of the rompers so you can see them all :).

Until then, have a great weekend!