Baby you can drive my car….


Well, its March. Spring, with all its splendor, is just around the corner. A long time ago I had a fabulous car. My current car is also fabulous, but for different reasons. When I moved to California I came out here with just my car, my dog, and the (19inch) television that my mother insisted she needed binoculars to watch. Do they even make that size anymore? Sort of one step up from “phone” or “tablet” but below a traditional flatscreen? Anyways, I ADORED my car. It was a BMW Z3 convertible that my friends back home referred to as “the shoe”. As I said, this car was FABULOUS. SO MUCH FUN.

This car was extra special to me. It was the first car I bought with my own earnings (as opposed to borrowing my parent’s car). Once I picked it out, I brought my father to do a final look over (it was three years old, the previous owners 3rd car. He was 6’7″ and could only drive it with the top down, so in Ohio that was like three days a year). My father once had a convertible and loved it. He was so excited for me to have a fun car like this, and to start my new life (and business) in California. It was one of the last things he helped me choose. I loved getting his opinion on things. Not approvals, but opinions. He was so wise. 

When I first moved to Orange County I would take daily drives up and down the coast from Dana Point to Newport and back around. Top down, wind in my hair, salt air kissing my skin, and Janet Jackson on my radio. Paradise. I never got sick of or even used to those views either. The OC coast is probably one of the most beautiful in the world, in my opinion.

From Long Beach to San Clemente, PCH hugs the coastline and offers some of the most spectacular ocean views that I have ever seen. 

I can’t say its been truly “winter” regarding climate.The weather is completely erratic here. Hot, cold, hot, cold. OR freezing in the morning, 90 degrees in the afternoon.  The weather channel is not one to trust for reliability, either. However one trait of winter remains true; darkness at noon is practically a reality in LA until Spring springs into town. Thank goodness its on its way because I have had enough with midnight and am more than ready for some sunshine.

With spring’s approach I’ve been thinking a lot about my little shoe and how liberating a top-down drive felt. In fairness, my thoughts may have also been persuaded by the 80’s rock icon/gym buddy whose been talking with me about his brand new corvette convertible (so exciting).

Along with the fun, there are some (first world) “issues” that arise when one drives with the top down. Namely:


How To Avoid A Hairtastrophy And Other Negative Top Down Ramifications:

  1. The Hair Wrap– First and foremost its imperative we classy women maintain hair integrity. Especially if the convertible joy ride is with a date! Plus HELLO, if your driving you have to be able to see!
This low bun with a head band is so simple and classic beachy. A great way to go.
I love the low bun wrap. This blogger said the one photographed is a pre-made wrap that she literally bought at CVS. She also mentioned it can be replicated using a tank top! I’m going to have to try that out. 


2. Don’t forget your SPF. Anyone in this day and age that does not use SPF is an idiot. I’m sorry to be judgmental, and I know a tan looks great, but its STILL better to use SPF and a bronzer. Protect your skin people.  Actually lets make this: DON’T FORGET YOUR SPF!!! 

My esthetician recommends these Sunblocks by MD Solar Sciences. They are all natural and approved by the american dermatological society as safe and effective.

This mineral tinted cream contain’s skin nourishing ingredients. With its nice finish, it can be used as a primer under foundation or alone. SPF 30.


This silky feeling creme is also full of skin nourishing goodies while simultaneously blocks all the negative affects of sun exposure. SPF 50.

3. Sun Glasses.  Protect your eyes too. Also because who doesn’t want to look like Jackie-O or Grace Kelly when going for a joy ride?

Danielle is recommending these adorable sunnies by Givenchy. I love how they have the peek-a-boo crystals over the top, so when you coyly lower your head and lift your eyes, your date is bedazzled by this little secret. I love anything with a secret :). Sunnies available via


I also adore these Dior sunnies. They definitely are reminiscent of something Grace or Audrey would wear while looking chic in their head scarf with the top down.  J’Dore Dior 🙂


Danielle is obsessed with this Dior twist on the classic Ray Ban’s. These will be huge this summer and probably next.


What The Heck To Wear To Go Cruisin’ In A Convertible:

Option A: Spring

After much hemming and hawing (between two different sneakers) I am obsessed with these slip ons. MSM hates them but whatever. They are SO comfy but still have edge. LOVE! Jacket: IRO  Tank: Wildfox  Shorts: One Teaspoon  Sneakers: Mui Mui

Option B: Summer

I feel like this is cute for a summer drive. Shorts: Joie  Blouse: Equipment  Sandal option: Fendi  Sneaker option: Mui Mui

Here’s an idea- lets rent a convertible for a day! Its more affordable than buying one and allows an opportunity to feel the joy!

PS I also hope I get to go for a spin in Rock Star’s new ride. #bucketlist.




Estate Sale Extraordinaire: Beverly Hills

Quite a lens flair! It was at least 95 degrees already- and only 8:30am!

The other day MSM came up with the fantastic idea of a “before work date”. He sent me the link to an estate sale in Beverly Hills and said, “We should do this!” Having never been to an estate sale before, I was super excited. Especially since this particular sale was at the home of former Miss America (1959) and actress, Mary Ann Mobley (imagine the tiaras and handbags she must have!!!) and her actor husband, Gary Collins.

Miss America 1959 Mary Ann Mobley.
Miss America 1959 Mary Ann Mobley was the first Mississippian to be crowned Miss America. She was an active philanthropist, actress, and film maker until her death in 2014. Her husband, Gary Collins, was also an actor. They have one daughter (Mary) and one son (Guy).

Visiting the company’s website PacificEstateSales.Com prior to the sale proved to be the most interesting and helpful to me. The website included a synopsis explaining whose estate this was, a photo gallery exhibiting featured pieces that were available for sale, and contact info in case there were questions about anything.  When I called to ask about an Hermes handbag (it was a knock off), Pacific Estate Sales founder/owner, Diana Nichols, suggested we get there as early as 8:30 if we wanted first dibs on things.

We woke up super early, jumped into our cars and hugged the curves along Mulholland drive until we arrived at the beautiful estate perched on its own peak in the heart of Beverly Hills. We parked below the estate (a shuttle was provided to take us up to the main house). Surprisingly by 8:30 am there were already 45 OTHER early birds hoping to catch the proverbial worm. MSM and I both wondered which items the other people were after. We were looking for LP records, books, and artwork. Also we loved a set of chairs that had been featured on the website.

The Estate:

The Mobley estate was seriously gorgeous. Up the drive to the left was a beautiful plot of land that looked like its own park. Across the drive sat the “cute” yellow home,  juxtaposed with the contrasting blue water of the front yard pool, all ensconced by a white picket fence. The home and yard seemed extremely inviting, with festive lawn furniture sprinkled around the area.

I wish I had dressed in honor of the former Miss America. Although I was over dressed as it was....
I wish I had dressed a bit more 1950’s in honor of the former Miss America. Although I was over dressed as it was 😦 As Danielle says- I’m still learning 🙂 Chanel Sandals available from @styledbydanielleklein on Instagram.

All that charm aside, apparently people can be so nasty and crazy when it comes to estate sales. First of all, I felt like I was at one of those wedding gown sales you read about. You know the ones- where your smashed against the window with 50 other people until the doors open and you get trampled? Secondly, no one, and I mean NO ONE, had read the bio explaining whose house this was. I honestly don’t think they cared. For me it meant so much that I knew she was Miss America and a philanthropist who, along with her actor husband, contributed so much to making the world a better place. Everyone else? They could care less. They just wanted “cool stuff” for “cheap” – and they made that very evident.

When we finally were allowed in the estate (they only allowed 5 people in at a time) we enjoyed walking around and looking at the architecture and interior design. She had the most incredible bathroom. It was painted a dusty soft blue, highlighted with beautiful white molding and a mirrored ceiling! We peaked in each room and enjoyed taking a moment to breathe in the atmosphere and think what it must have felt like to be Mary Ann and Gary.

Mirrors in the bathroom, interesting views. Ha. But I adore the color blue she picked.
Mirrors in the bathroom, interesting views. Ha. But I adore the color blue she picked.

What to buy:

The library was extensive, but no books that we really wanted. The record collection was fun- and all at 2$/piece so we picked up a few of those as well as a painting set that we had both admired on the website. No tiaras or handbags of significance (obviously her daughter took those- duh!). We really wanted the chair set but a. we weren’t equip with proper transportation and b. we had to run off to work! So we wrote down the name of the chairs- Marcel Breuer/Wassily, and ventured back into our reality.

There were some great recods in here. We found an original of the first released Star Wars album in mint condition but sans poster (yes, I’m a Star Wars nerd!!!). We had to snatch that up right away.
We loved this gorgeous light fixture. Its a great example of the unique things one can find at an estate sale.
We loved this gorgeous light fixture. Its a great example of the unique things one can find at an estate sale.

During the day we both researched Marcel Breuer and the Wassily chairs. We discovered these chairs were iconic pieces of history and originals! Knowing the providence (and after speaking with my designer friend who said “we will find you a townhome to fit the chairs, GET THEM!”)- we decided they were the gem of the sale. So I called Diana and emailed her to let her know we wanted them and would pick them up ASAP. The sale was three days and Diana was gracious enough to hold the chairs for us 🙂

A word about Pacific Estate Sales:

I must take a moment to say that Diana was wonderful. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about her estate sales and the featured pieces. Going to her sale was like going back in time, and she was wonderful about supplying the historical information needed to really understand where we were standing. I also loved how honest she is (ex the Hermes was a knock off and she didn’t hide that). She was friendly, not snobby, which I really appreciate. Its funny how I’ve encountered so many stuck up self-entitled people that work with but are not actually part of the LA elite. And on the flip side- most of the LA elite I’ve met have been friendly and humble. I’m putting Diana in the latter category.

The Wassily chairs. Whoot! What a score!
The Wassily chairs. Whoot! What a score!

In sum the estate sale was a huge success. We enjoyed an early morning date that was like taking a trip back in time and amped our energy for the rest of the day. I would definitely visit another estate sale. Its a great way to find unique pieces for your home. Personally I’ll stick to ones that seem historically interesting to me. But hey- whatever floats your boat. If getting “cool s*** for a great price” is your thing- check them out! You can look at Diana’s site (link above) or visit

What to Wear to an Estate Sale:

It was HOT up in the hills! And all those people in close proximity? We were drenched in our work clothes. Dress casually (I was way over dressed).  Also – no hand bags or large over coats. Cash and checks are best. Keep in mind theres a 9% sales tax on all sold items, too.

Happy hunting!