Curing My Melancholy Madness

I know it doesn’t snow or get too cold in Los Angeles, but it gets dark SO early and the combination of darkness and erratic weather patterns can certainly take a toll.

Its confirmed. I have the wintertime blues. Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely happy for the most part. It just seems every year, right around mid February, I’m in need of some serious soul replenishing. I’m not sure if its the lack of sunlight or the weird weather patterns, but I just get so stressed about the tiniest things and am so easily ungrounded. As I sit here dreaming of Paris, I realized what I need is a Faycation, a short FAKE vacation. Turn up the reggae  boys and girls because were about to go on a virtual adventure.

Lets start with this, to get us in the right mood:


New York City:

What better place to start my Facay than NYC during spring fashion week?


To capture the vibe of the city….this is a fun montage I found on youtube.




And we can’t move forward without catching a fashion show!

I’m seriously obsessed with the first three of these five trends; gorgeous and flowy silk, flirty ruffles, and sexy shoulder revealing tops. All so stunning. The last two, not so much for me. I’ve never adored feathers (I had a friend once in college, Cecil, who LOVED feathers. He had this one jacket that was literally 100% made of layered feathers. It was an atrocity. PS Who wants to wear some hot feather jacket in Austin in August??). Flat shoes don’t work for me. I have high arches, but the rest of me is height-challenged. However, I have invested in some comfy sneakers for the upcoming spring/summer. We shall see how much wear they get. I’ve noticed in photos its definitely more flattering when I’m in heels. I now understand “I’m not fat, I’m under tall”. There’s something to that……


The Caribbean: 

From NYC lets jet over to the Caribbean. While we fly, here’s some music to put us in the island mood:

Why do I love reggae so much? I’m pretty sure I was African in my past life. This music goes straight to my soul and brings me to my happy place. I feel immediately calm and cheerful and I can almost feel the warm salty winds kissing my skin. Reggae to me is definitely equated with the beach and the ocean. The cadence of the music mimics that of the ocean, no? On that note, MSM is reading this interesting book right now about how being near the Ocean, and even better, going in it, does something to our bodies to help promote longevity and extended good health/quality of life.

While listening, stare at the splendor:



Azul seas and brilliant corals, little fishies basquing in the sun. The ocean never ceases to amaze me. I am intrigued by corals and how they are actually living beings.

Last stop: Disneyworld. 

Seriously I ADORE all things Disney. Yes, I’m 100 years old but who cares? No better way to placate the inner child and free the spirit than a jaunt to a Disney park. I still get the goosebumps and turn into a five year old the minute I walk in. Its like Disney has its own ecosystem that defies the laws of the rest of the world, and unhappiness, worries, aches and pains are exempt from this place.

I’m in no way, shape, or form endorsing this band. I just wanted to see a video of Disney with good music. This facation has been a success! I’m inspired to go to Disneyland and make a great music video montage of the park- since the internet is apparently lacking in that department, surprisingly!

I will leave you with one last thought- one great piece of  vacation mentality we need to always keep in mind:

That is all for today. I feel much better! Don’t you?!

Have a fantastic weekend!!