Last week I was reminded what life was like without a cell phone. The brain of my 16 month old iPhone decided it had had enough and chose to loose it. When I went to Apple for a repair, the “genius” did a factory reset- which didn’t work- and I lost everything. Well, not EVERYTHING because LUCKILY I had recently backed the phone up via itunes. But all those files were stored as a “compressed wad somewhere” in my computer and since I decided to go with an Android as my new phone, there was no certainty I could retrieve those files. At first I was flipping out. I felt panicked. I couldn’t send or receive texts or calls and all my photos were lost. The new phone was complicated and unfamiliar and felt like a downgrade from my beloved iPhone. Mind you, I had an LG droid prior to my iPhone and LOVED it. I had selected this new phone assuming it would be similar to the Droid and because it was only $150.  I figured at that price point I’d have more money to put towards Saks Fifth Avenue. But I quickly learned that you definitely get what you pay for.

Iphone Vs Android.

Issues with switching from iPhone to Android:

  1. If people have saved your IM streams from previous apple to apple texts, nothing they send you on your droid will show up unless they delete the saved text streams. You have to contact everyone you know with an iphone and tell them to delete those or you’ll never get their texts.
  2. Instagram has different filters on the different OS.
  3. You have to re-organize your photos (I actually liked the way the android organizes things better, to be honest)
  4. The lower end android phones are not pretty as an accessory. They are just four wheels and an engine. They get the job done. Period. Nothing special or flashy.
  5. The android camera is amazing but has a really weird aspect ratio.
  6. There is no button to push and say “call ‘so and so'”. If there is- I’m not sure what it is. Its harder to be hands free on this phone.

Unplugged Jill

Since I was unable to receive texts from people, and that is my most common way of communicating, I felt I was basically living as Thoreau at Walden. I decided, however, to try the phone out for a week- see if I could get used to it, see if I just needed some time to acclimate. I couldn’t.

I DID, however, decide to embrace and enjoy being unplugged for a few days. Here’s what I learned:

  1. Dogs are SO CUTE. Ok so DUH I already knew this. But with all the time I’ve spent with my face in my phone, I’ve missed out how many of these adorable creatures are walking around my neighborhood.
  2. Moments DO exist in the day for meditating, going for a short walk, or writing.
  3. A lot of TV shows are REALLY boring (not including any of the shows I work on, of course :))
  4. A good book or magazine is a GREAT way to escape
  5. Its sunny outside and my backyard is the ocean- how lucky am I?


Unplugged LA

Coincidentally MSM decided to take me to this party called Unplugged LA. How HILARIOUS was this?! All cell phones were checked in at the front (like a coat check). Everyone had to write their name on a name tag- but not our real names, a NICK NAME. I was “Gidget” (of course) and MSM was going to be Crescendo but because he didn’t know how to spell that he decided to be Coda.

The first person we met was a professional camp counselor who did “other stuff” when the summer was not in session  (?! I.E Unemployed and living with parents?). It became very clear rather quickly that this was a single’s event but whatever, we decided “when in Rome”. What I mean is, we delved into the activities offered. We played Connect Four while listening to a jazz bass played by a very hasidic looking young man. I typed on a non-electric old fashioned typewriter (it was HARD by the way- but totally fun). There was a lanyard making table, face painting, and coloring books. Seriously, it was summer camp for adults. After a short time we noticed that MSM’s best friend was wedged in a corner looking scared and out of place, so we decided to bail. As weird as it was, it was nice taking a little time to focus and be in the moment. To do something without feeling such an obligation to be instantly available to whomever may reach out. Not everything is an emergency.

If your interested in experiencing an unplugging (or an adult summer camp), here’s some info on Camp Grounded   Its not for everyone, but I actually enjoyed myself at their event. Not sure I could spend more than an hour there but……who knows what floats your boat.

Lesson learned?

I think one day a week we should all put or phones away, take a respite from the digital world to unplug and recharge. I think its important to re-connect with friends in person, re-connect with nature in person, and to reconnect with ourselves in person.


Our phones have become such important characters in our lives. Siri or Google or whomever with you speak, they are our virtual assistants who have become an integral part of our lives. In many ways these personal assistants have facilitated our day to day chores, making it easier to get more accomplished. But by always being connected we are loosing ability to figure things out on our own, we are suppressing our sense of whats real and what is really in front of us. I truly believe by always having instant gratification and instant answers we are squashing our growth in creative thinking  and problem solving development.


I have to admit I couldn’t even wait a week to go back to the iPhone. I decided I’d rather cut costs elsewhere (like switching from Verizon to T Mobile which, by the way, has been the best decision EVER) and go with the “Porsche” of phones, the iPhone 6S plus. LOVE. A. Its GORGEOUS (i got it in rose gold). It goes so well with my wardrobe- I am a fashion junkie so it makes sense B. The engine is amazing and  C. I’m getting all my texts! YAY.

What kind of phone do you have? What do you love/hate about it? Do you ever take time away from it? Let me know.



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Lessons Learned from Legacy: the truths revealed through consignment.

This is how I pictured my walk in closet one day. Look at all the lovely Chanel's.
This is how I pictured my walk in closet one day. Look at all the lovely Chanel’s in various shapes and sizes. Its a purse version of our universe. Photo: Google Images

So I learned a HUGE lesson this past weekend.

I told Danielle I wanted to get a Chanel for my blankety-blank birthday in a few weeks, and she’s been really pushing me towards the Boy bag. I like the little ones that have some oomf to them- a gold trim, maybe hot pink velvet, or an interestingly textured fabric in the center. The plain Boys just do nothing for me. And the bigger they get, the less I like them – on me. I DO like them in photos and on Gigi Hadid. But for myself, I had my mind set on the 2.55- mainly because of the history behind the bag. Honestly, though- I don’t love the bag as much as I love its history. My good friend Noreen said “if you love the history, get a coffee table book about the bag, not the bag!” I mean that would save me 5500$, so may actually be a great idea.

Anyways, even thinking of buying a Chanel has proven to be quite stressful. I already own a “simple” Chanel- the zippered one with the cloth interior they sell at a significantly lower price point. My bag is a beige caviar leather jumbo and I do love it. The classic flap and the 2.5 and the boy bags start over 4k, which on my MPA (major purchase account, interest free for a year) would basically be more than my car payment. I drive a luxury sedan, so I’m not talking inexpensive here. As recommended by a good friend, I decided to visit Haute Seconds, a consignment store in Santa Monica. I was told they have a lot of pre-owned Chanel bags at good prices.

This store was really great. There were some amazing barely used designer clothes at reasonable prices.
This store was really great. There were some amazing barely used designer clothes at reasonable prices. 

Haute Seconds:

I walked into the store and indeed, right before me, there sat a plethora of used handbags. I’m using the word “used” as opposed to “pre-owned” because most of these bags looked USED. As in WORN OUT. Shapeless lumps of amorphous patinated oxidized leather. It was sad, actually. Nothing against the store at ALL. The women working there were beyond sweet and helpful in making my journey fun. The designer clothing that hung around all looked immaculate and worth a rebirth in the hands of a new owner. And not ALL the bags were bad. In fact, the Louis’ were amazing. The Louis’ looked practically brand new, as did the Gucci’s and the one Hermes (which was still 12k – so that bag better survive a zombie apocalypse). There were two “vintage” Chanel camera bags from 1995 that still looked amazing that I did like, though according to Danielle, the style is dated. Vintage but not classic, unfortunately. I’ve also seen a few Chanel evening bags/clutches from the 1980s that have stayed in great shape.

I really liked this Chanel camera bag from 1995. However, with its 1k price point, you can buy  brand new Gucci camera bag. I get it though, the whole point is its a Chanel. And since this one predates Jan 2000, I feel the quality is probably there.
I really liked this Chanel camera bag from 1995. Going vintage is always fun. Who wore this bag before? Where has it been and what has it seen? I actually would love to have this bag but Danielle said no, its dated :(.

A little side note- apparently “vintage” is anything 20 years or older. Anything more current is not considered “vintage”, just old. haha.

Lesson learned:

So what is the point of all this? Don’t buy a brand new Chanel handbag. Not for 5600$ anyways. It appears that pre Millennium Chanel bags were well made, but after- not so much. The newer used bags just didn’t hold up to time. And in my opinion, and I hope I’m not offending anyone, why spend that much on a bag that wont last forever? I mean I was thinking this was a bag I’d leave to my niece one day- the heritage bag.

DO, on the other hand, feel comfortable searching for and purchasing a Chanel made pre 2k – the older the better. I can attest they will not only last longer but they will look better than the more current used ones.

I adore Alma. She was the first designer bag I bought. I dreamed about her for a few years, saved up, and then got her. She still looks amazing. I guess I'm a Louis girl. Photo from Pinterest.
I adore my angel pink Alma. She was the first designer bag I bought. I dreamed about her for a few years, saved up, and then got her. She still looks amazing. I guess I’m a Louis girl. Photo: Pinterest.

Also- I learned that Louis Vuitton and Gucci still make quality bags. I love and have always loved my Louis Alma. She may not be the most hip or trendy bag, but she’s classic and special to me. So I guess she will be my heritage piece.

Its about Coco, not the bag:

With all this being said, I still have so much respect and admiration for Coco Chanel. She went against the grain and followed her heart. Post mortem, none of the decline in quality could possibly be her fault. The reason I wanted a Chanel bag was to remind me to be like Coco- stay strong, stay true to yourself, contribute to making the world a better place. As per my friend’s suggestion, I think I will get that coffee table book after all.

This book looks like the perfect addition to my library. It tells all about the house of Chanel over time and has gorgeous photographs. Love.  And at 31$, I'm saving a bundle!
This book looks like the perfect addition to my library. It tells all about the house of Chanel over time and has gorgeous photographs. Love. And at 31$, I’m saving a bundle!
Its definitely not about the bags for me. I just love this ensemble of clothing and shoes and accessories. Perfectly juxtaposed and photographed, this model looks like a piece of art. I would feel so sassy in this outfit.